Sunday, 15 May 2011

Happy Teacher's Day

Happy Teacher's Day to all people that have been call as the teacher. Teacher in other word is someone that teach us a single word that useful for our life. Teacher are the person after our parent that mostly give us a advice, teach us, and taking care of us. Try to analysis this poems about Teacher.

I'm happy that you're my teacher;
I enjoy each lesson you teach.
As my role model you inspire me
To dream and to work and to reach.

With your kindness you get my attention;
Every day you are planting a seed
Of curiosity and motivation
To know and to grow and succeed.

You help me fulfill my potential;
I'm thankful for all that you've done.
I admire you each day, and I just want to say,
As a teacher, you're number one!

--By Joanna Fuchs

 Thank You Teacher's


  1. wah bestnye blog ni..
    kalau prince nak datang selalu boley x?

  2. silakan....lagi ramai lagi meriah..^^